Solar Eclipse, April 8th, 2024: Let Go To Make Space for Hope

Solar Eclipse, April 8th, 2024: Let Go To Make Space for Hope

As the Sun conjuncts the Moon today in a Solar Eclipse in Aries that also conjuncts with Chiron, the North Node, and Mercury in Retrograde while Saturn is conjunct Mars in Pisces, We are feeling stuck, and frustrated like we are living in limbo making no difference... making no progress.  We are mired in old fights, old wounds, confusion, and frustration. We are jaded because we have believed in the dream of a new life for so long, but it does not seem possible anymore. 

We must not force or war with anyone to make anything happen now. Exercise patience and wisdom and create empty space for the blessings that will begin around April 20th when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Taurus. Find your connection to your higher power now. Focus on that. You will eventually feel compelled to move forward, and that is the direction of your future.

In focusing on the Holy Spirit, you will let go of the fights of the past and make an empty space that you can receive blessings and grace into... and from that you will begin your new life - your new path.

What is in front of you now is not worth the aggression and the struggle. It is of the past and is already gone. Prepare for your future by making space ready in your soul, and when you feel the Holy Spirit compel you, receive the blessings and begin. Start now by embracing Hope and open your mind and your heart to possibilities you can't even see yet. 

Let go of the jadedness, the warring, the forcing... and focus on the Holy Spirit and the Hope that will lead you to a better and new life.

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