Lion's Gate: A Time For Healing, Awakening and Manifestation (Aug 9, 2023)

Lion's Gate: A Time For Healing, Awakening and Manifestation (Aug 9, 2023)

We are experiencing a cosmic event known as the Lion's Gate Portal right now. The energy is present from July 28th through August 12th, peaking on August 8th. The Lion's Gate Portal occurs when the star, Sirius, Earth and Orien's Belt are aligned and visible in both hemispheres. They are even aligned with the Pyramids of Giza, where in Egyptian cosmology it is the celebration of a new year with new resolutions for the future. This magical energy is activated by the rising star, Sirius, and creates a time of abundance and blessings! With the sun in Leo, we refer to this beautiful time as the Lion's Gate Portal.

This cosmic portal opens and an outburst of high-frequency energy and wisdom pours out into the world. This is a time for expanding our boundaries, hopes and dreams. This is a time to raise our consciousness and manifest higher aspirations for ourselves and for our futures. 

In Hinduism, Sirius, the Dog Star, is known as Svana. Svana was the dog of King Yudhisthira, who was willing to forsake Heaven for Svana. The King was allowed into Heaven because of his sacrifice for Svana. The star signifies morality and wisdom.

This is a wonderful time to write down your goals and resolutions for the year. The energy is satiated with positivity and potential, benevolence and blessings. This is the wave of energy to carry you across that start line you're afraid to cross. This is the push of confidence and virility to get you across the finish line that has been looming unattainably in the future. 

Do it! Seize it! Go for it! Believe in yourself! Dream big! Hope without ceasing! Let the Roar of the Lion get you there and then build and expand your beautiful life!

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